Eugene de Beste

Senior Cloud Engineer

“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.”

- G-man, Half-Life 2.

Current Role

Senior Cloud and HPC Technologist II

In my current role, I am based at the Centre for High-Performance Computing’s (CHPC) Advanced Computer Engineering (ACE) Lab, with a primary focus on HPC education, cloud computing systems, and distributed storage. The CHPC operates under the National Integrated Cyber Infrastructure System (NICIS), which is part of the prestigious Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of South Africa.


In my capacity as a Senior Cloud Technologist, I am entrusted with a diverse range of responsibilities, including but not limited to:

Special Projects

NB: Details of projects listed here are reduced in work experience section below to remove redundancies.
CHPC = Centre for High Performance Computing (South Africa) | UCT = University of Cape Town | SANBI = South African National Bioinformatics Institute | HISP = Health Information Systems Program | NICD = National Institute for Communicable Diseases | ICS = Internet Communication Services | HPC = High Performance Computing | UWC = University of the Western Cape

African Pathogen Archive

CHPC In (2023 - ongoing), I facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the CHPC and SANBI, in which I am assuming the role of Infrastructure Automation Lead for the African Pathogen Archive (APA) project. My key responsibilities include:

HISP OpenStack Deploy­ment

CHPC In (2022), I established a significant collaboration between HISP and the CHPC for consulting on an OpenStack private cloud deployment. My responsibilities encompassed a range of duties, including:

Student Cluster Compe­tition

CHPC In (2020), I played a crucial role in the CHPC’s adaptation of the Student Cluster Competition to an online format during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. My duties included:

Ilifu Project

UCT/SANBI During (2018 - 2020), I actively participated in the Ilifu project, a data-intensive research cloud designed for academic research, specifically in the fields of astronomy and bioinformatics. This collaborative venture involved multiple universities and the Department of Science and Technology in South Africa. My responsibilities encompassed various aspects of planning, prototyping, and deploying an OpenStack-based private cloud with a multi-petabyte CEPH cluster for storage. Key duties included:

HISP OpenStack Deploy­ment Training

SANBI From (2019 - 2020), I collaborated with HISP in facilitating the deployment of an OpenStack cluster. My responsibilities included:

NICD HPC Deploy­ment

SANBI Between (2019 - 2020), I was actively involved in the deployment of an HPC software stack at the NICD. My key responsibilities included:

UWC HPC Deploy­ment

SANBI During (2019 - 2020), I collaborated with UWC eResearch to facilitate the deployment of an HPC cluster, aiming to provide unified research-focused resources to researchers and students across various departments. My responsibilities included:

Professional Work Experience

Job Roles

2020-ongoing (Current) Senior Cloud and HPC Technologist IIAdvanced Computer Engineering Lab, Centre for High Performance Computing, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

2018-2020 External ConsultantILIFU Project, University of Cape Town

2017-2020 Systems DeveloperSouth African National Bioinformatics Institute, University of the Western Cape

2015-2016 Systems Administrator InternVOSS Solutions

Volunteering Roles

2017-2018 Volunteer StaffBSides Cape Town

2017-2018 Volunteer StaffDevOpsDays Cape Town

2018 TutorJEDI Workshop, Madagascar (Source.)

2017 TutorSoftware Carpentry, Observatory

2016 Hackathon ParticipantH3ABioNet Cloud computing hackathon, University of Pretoria (Source.)

2014 TutorSoftware Carpentry, University of Cape Town (Source.)


Tertiary Education

2016-2019 M.Sc. BioinformaticsSouth African National Bioinformatics Institute, University of the Western Cape

2015 B.Sc. Hons Information TechnologyUniversity of Cape Town

2012-2014 B.Sc. Computer ScienceUniversity of the Western Cape

Secondary Education

2007-2011 National Senior Certificate — Fairbairn College

Academic Outputs

Journal Publications

2018 Ahmed, A.E., Mpangase, P.T., Panji, S., Baichoo, S., Souilmi, Y., Fadlelmola, F.M., Alghali, M., Aron, S., Bendou, H., de Beste, E. and Mbiyavanga, M. (2018). “Organizing and running bioinformatics hackathons within Africa: The H3ABioNet cloud computing experience”. AAS open research, 1. (Source.)

Thesis (M.Sc)

2019 de Beste, E. (2019). “Enabling the processing of bioinformatics workflows where data is located through the use of cloud and container technologies”. (Source.)


2017 de Beste, E., van Heusden, P., Christoffels, A., Bagula, A. (2017). “Moving Workfows to Data”. ISCB Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics. (Source.)

2019 de Beste, E., Christoffels, A., van Heusden, P. (2019). “Leveraging Open Source Technologies to Rapidly Deploy Infrastructure with Minimum Human Capacity”. Centre for High Performance Computing Annual Conference. (Source.)










2018 BSides Cape Town - Rite of PassageLas Vegas, United States of America

2014 First Place Overall Prize for the ISC’14 Student Cluster ChallengeInternational Supercomputing Conference, Leipzig, Germany

Top 3 Academic Achiever in Third YearUniversity of the Western Cape (Source.)

2013 First Place for the CHPC Student Cluster Competition 2013Centre for High Performance Computing, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

IBM Master the Mainframe CompetitionUniversity of the Western Cape

2012 Golden Key SocietyUniversity of the Western Cape

Top 5 Academic Achiever in First YearUniversity of the Western Cape (Source.)


Cape Town, South Africa

The Mother City