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Welcome to my personal blog! I’m an infrastructure automation enthusiast.

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External VLANs and (NVIDIA) Cumulus Linux

For the past little while, I鈥檝e been quite involved in hardware automation. Whether it鈥檚 spinning up cloud environments (with OpenStack) or working with services on bare-metal machines outside of a cloud-like environment, the common requirement is: Power Internet (sometimes optional) Networking switches Servers (for compute, storage, or both) Cables (sometimes numerous) This blog post will focus on some of my recent experiences with Cumulus Linux, as I鈥檝e had to deal with it as part of a deployment for an OpenStack cloud....

June 16, 2023 路 8 min 路 Eugene de Beste

Testing Multi-Machine Ansible Roles with Travis-CI and Docker compose

A little while ago I spent some time writing various Ansible roles and playbooks for the infrastructure at my place of work. My Ansible skills are intermediate and by no means refined. As a result of this, a lot of the roles were not developed to best practice specifications. I took some time to try to improve my roles and properly test them before using them by taking advantages of the free continuous testing service that Travis-CI offers....

July 16, 2019 路 9 min 路 Eugene de Beste

OpenStack backed with Ceph Erasure Coded Pools

If you鈥檙e impatient, skip to the solution section 馃槂 Over the last few months I鈥檝e been working with the University of Cape Town on the Ilifu research cloud project. The focus for the initial release of the cloud is mainly to provide compute and storage to astronomy and bioinformatics use cases. The technology powering this cloud is the ever-growing-in-popularity combination of OpenStack (Queens release) as the virtualisation platform and Ceph (Luminous) as the storage backend....

August 23, 2018 路 5 min 路 Eugene de Beste

Using CWL and Toil to Wrap an Ad-hoc Astronomy Data Processing Pipeline

Blasting Students with Science I was recently invited to give a workshop on reproducible scientific workflows to students as part of the Inter-university Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy鈥檚 (IDIA) 鈥淛EDI鈥 programme. The overall purpose of this workshop was to introduce students from the African continent to various topics that are being dealt with in the data science space. A large focus here was machine learning. This post details some of my experiences with preparing the original pipeline, working CWL around it and also teaching people how to do it....

June 27, 2018 路 15 min 路 Eugene de Beste

DNS Woes With NGINX Reverse Proxy

While configuring some of the internal services that we host for external access through our NGINX proxy VM, I started noticing some strange behaviour. Every once in a little while, when requesting a page that was being passed through the proxy, the proxy server would respond with a 502 Bad Gateway. It turns out that there were some issues with the resolver module for NGINX. I鈥檒l detail how I fixed it below....

March 25, 2018 路 3 min 路 Eugene de Beste