A person looking at a monitor with the Raspberry Pi logo and a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W device in it. There is a camera in the top left pointed at the person.

Step Up Your Home Security Game on the Cheap With A Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Powered IP Camera Monitor

Not too long ago I set up a few IP cameras around the house. As I work mostly from home, I wanted a non-proprietary and cost effective way to monitor four video feeds at any time while Iโ€™m in my study. This blog post details the solution I came up with, which leverages a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and an old monitor I had lying around. Before blindly following the instructions in this post, please consider the caveats!...

March 23, 2024 ยท 8 min ยท Eugene de Beste
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Automated and Dynamic Raspberry Pi Provisioning For The Lazy Homelabber Featuring Canonical MAAS and Python

Raspberry Piโ€™s are great little devices for various purposes. Iโ€™ve got a couple of Pi4โ€™s for my homelab. That said, youโ€™d probably be lying to me if you told me you were enthusiastic about the following scenario, especially if you make a lot of changes and/or try a lot of different operating system versions: Unplug Pi Remove storage device (SD/SSD) Plug storage device into PC Flash OS image to device Unplug device from PC Plug back into Pi Plug Pi back in Configure Pi after it boots I developed a solution for my homelab which allows me to re-provision my Pis on demand using a more traditional remote-provisioning paradigm, without having to touch any of them....

March 10, 2024 ยท 13 min ยท Eugene de Beste